CNG Statement of the Week - By the Presidential Aide's CNG statement of the Week was made by Mrs. Toyin Subaru, a presidential aide, at a stakeholders’ meeting held at the Bank of Industry headquarters, on Sunday, in Abuja, FCT.

“Now, with this CNG plan, we don’t even have to import what we need to operate our vehicles. It is called CNG and we have the gas here in Nigeria. So, the idea is just to take the gas to distribute it across Nigeria via different truck stations.

Most vehicles are not CNG enabled yet and what we are doing is to help them convert their cars so you can use petrol and CNG at the same time.

We are going to develop an app that will enable you locate where a CNG station is located. We should be able to buy gas for our cars at N230 per KG as against the cost of petrol which is N680 per litre. This should help every Nigerian save about two-thirds of their transport cost.”