The Best LPG Bottling Plant of the Year 2023 – Emadeb LPG Plant, Abuja

The tremendously prestigious award for the best LPG Bottling Plant in Nigeria for the year 2023, has delightfully and deservedly nestled on the 5-star 120 Metric Tons Emadeb Energy LPG Bottling Plant in Lokogoma, Abuja, FCT.

There are LPG Plants and there are LPG Plants, but Emadeb LPG Bottling Plant is a gas facility that is unquestionably the cream of the crop in the country.

Sitting on a large expanse of land in Lokogoma, Abuja, that accommodates an autogas conversion and refilling station, the Emadeb LPG Bottling Plant is equipped with state-of-the-art LPG infrastructure and equipment.

The LPG services at Emadeb Energy LPG Plant are excellent - to say the least, which explains why the facility is usually a beehive of activities, with happy home and industrial gas users thronging the plant on a daily basis.

Safety is given top attention at Emadeb LPG Plant, thanks to the optimal layout of its amenities, as well as, the safety gadgets and infrastructure put in place.

Apparently, Emadeb LPG Plant, eminently deserves this award and believes this will spur it to even raise its bar higher, and attain loftier heights.