Top 5 Low Pressure LPG(Cooking Gas) Regulator Brands

The use of a good quality gas regulator on your LPG cylinder goes a long way to contribute to a smooth and safe cooking experience.

Apparently, the use of a mediocre gas regulator does the exact opposite.

These are the LPG Regulator brands that are synonymous with superior quality and are recommended for the good people of Nigeria:

1.     Kabsons Gas Regulator

This is by far, the best low pressure Gas Regulator in the Nigerian market. Mere handling this unique LPG Regulator, you will be easily convinced of its superior quality.

The Kabson Gas Regulator steadily delivers the optimum amount of gas required for complete combustion to the gas burner.

It is very strong and does not crack, because it is made of a material with high tensile strength.

It is the most durable Gas Regulator.

Of course at N6,500 – N9,000, depending on the location and outlet, it is the most expensive Gas Regulator. But there’s no doubt that purchasing it, is good value for money, since it will outlive many low/medium quality gas regulators

Kabsons Gas regulators can only be purchased at a few LPG outlets that place a high premium on quality.

2.     Reca Gas Regulator

Next to the exceptional Kabson Gas Regulator in terms of quality, is the Reca Gas Regulator.

Reca Gas Regulators can be said to be of top quality and are built to last long.

They can be purchased at most serious gas stations and retail outlets.

3.     JJJ Gas Regulator

JJJ Gas Regulators are of good quality and will not disappoint you in use.

Unfortunately, they are no longer readily available in the Nigerian market.

4.     DK Flame Gas Regulator

DK Flame has built a solid reputation of quality assurance for its gas cylinders and other LPG accessories over the years.

DK Flame Gas Regulators are no exception and are fabricated to a high standard.

Dk Flame Regulators are currently not readily available in the Nigerian market.

5.     Longtime E80 Gas Regulator

Longtime E80 gas Regulators are of satisfactory quality and perform creditably well in service. They are reliable and durable.

Longtime E80 low pressure Gas Regulators are most readily available at most gas stations, retail outlets and home appliance markets nationwide.