Top 3 LPG Pumps suitable for a Cooking Gas Skid Plant

The choice of an LPG Pump to use in an LPG Skid Plant is definitely one of the most important decisions that can positively or negatively impact the success of the business.

Using an LPG Pump that breaks down often and is not easily serviceable, will lead to series of downtimes, which can destroy customer confidence and ultimately compromise the revenue of the venture.

Listed below are the three tested and trusted high performing LPG Pumps, suitable for LPG Skid plants.

1.     1 Inch Blackmer LPG Pump

The very popular 1 Inch Blackmer Sliding Vane Pump is made of ductile-iron, which makes it very strong, and resistant to thermal and mechanical shock.

With its 6-vane design configuration, the 1 Inch Blackmer Pump, delivers gas quietly and efficiently.

Its symmetrical bearing support guarantees even loading of gas, while its internal relief system protects the pump against overpressurization.

The 1 Inch Blackmer Pump lasts long and is easy to maintain.

2.     1.5 Inch Viking Gear LPG Pump

The 1.5 Inch Viking Gear Pump is a very efficient pump for 1.5 Metric Tons, 2 Metric Tons, 2.5 Metric Tons, 3 Metric Tons, 3.5 Metric Tons, 5 Metric Tons, 7.5 Metric Tons and 10 Metric Tons, LPG Skid Plants.

The pump delivers gas at a fast rate and is quite quiet in operation ( when the coupling is not worn out.)

Unlike sliding vane pumps,  it is not as easy to maintain and service , but its spare parts are available in the market.

The 1.5 Inch Viking Gear Pump lasts long.

3.     1.5 Inch YQB LPG Pump

A good pump that is identical in design to the Blackmer Pump, the 1.5 Inch YQB LPG Pump is highly functional and durable.

An advantage it has, is that it is cheaper than other sliding vane pumps.

The 1.5 Inch YBQ LPG Pump is easily serviceable and its spare parts are readily available in the market.