Best 2 Cylinder-Cylinder Cooking Gas (LPG) Transfer Pumps

The practice of manually transferring cooking gas from a big LPG cylinder to a smaller one, which is slow and inefficient, is gradually fading way and becoming obsolete.

LPG Retail outlets are now adopting the use of LPG Transfer Pumps to dispense cooking gas into their customers’ cylinders in a timely, safe and efficient manner.

These are the two most effective and widely used Cylinder-Cylinder LPG Transfer Pumps in Nigeria:

1.     Chinese Stainless Impeller LPG Transfer Pump

In terms of pumping performance, this is the best cylinder-to-cylinder cooking gas transfer pump in the Nigerian market.

Depending on the frequency of use, the pump can work well for 2-4 years, before its performance drops.

The chines stainless steel impeller pump is very strong and can withstand blunt force.

Unfortunately, it is not easily serviceable and requires some degree of expertise to uncouple.

2.     Sunflow Electric Oil Pump

The Sunflow Electric Oil pump, which is now being used for LPG in Nigeria, delivers gas at a relatively fast rate to the LPG cylinder being filled.

The pump is easily serviceable.

Unfortunately, the pump’s body is made of a cast material and is thus fragile, and will crack when some degree of force is applied to it.

The Sunflow Electric pump is durable, if handled with care.