The Best LPG Engineer of the Year(2023) – Engineer Samson Oladipo

The dignified mantle for the best LPG Engineer of the year 2003 has ‘gracefully’ fallen on Engineer Samson Oladipo, a world-class engineer, who is currently an assistant General Manager( Electrical & Instrumentation) at Cakasa Nigeria Limited.

Samson Oladipo, an LPG engineer per excellence, with an illustrious engineering career spanning over 22 years, is one of the best LPG engineers Nigeria has to offer.

Engr. Samson Oladipo’s engineering talent and potentials came into full manifestation during the construction of the gigantic 8,400 Metric Tons Stockgap LPG Terminal in Port-Harcourt, where he worked alongside other high profile engineers to solve critical problems during the construction process, and successfully delivered the first LPG Terminal(depot) built by a Nigerian  company.

The exemplary engineer has delivered other high profile civil/engineering projects, and remains a shimmering source of inspiration to the young engineers of this generation.